~ Ayurveda at Ourland~

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” in Sanskrit. AYUR means life and VEDA means knowledge. Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing, indigenous to India and Kerala in particular. Some say it was a secret revealed to the sages by Brahma, The Creator. It employs naturalistic methods based on ‘Panchakarma’ to prevent and treat diseases and also to slow down the ageing process.

Ayurvedic treatments are uniquely designed to detoxify, purify and bring balance, well being and energy to the body and mind. Releases physical tension, harmonizes these energies, and deeply nourishing your core, bringing tranquillity and peace to every cell of your body.

Special herbal natural oils are used which target your individual body imbalances. The goal in all treatments is to restore balance using a gently rhythmical flow which covers the entire body, bringing new life and creating a foundation for optimal health. These treatments are chosen to meet your specific individual needs according to your specific dosha.

Holidays are more than fun and leisure. It is the appropriate opportunity not only to refresh but also to rejuvenate the mind and body. Traditional Ayurvedic oil massages revitalizes the mind bringing out the hidden energy.


ABHYANGAM - General Body Massage (45 min) – Rs. 1000
Abhyangam massage is a gentABHYANGAM - General Body Massage (45 min) – Rs. 1000
Abhyangam massage is a gently yet firm body massage from head to toe using warm blended oils. The oil is gently applied over the body as therapist perform massage movements to give you a deeply relaxing experience. By doing abhyangam the full body massage, various tissues in the body are properly oleated and lubricated making the skin sensitive, soft and shining and thereby, preventing excess wear and tear of the body tissues. It is good against ageing process.

REJUVENATION MASSAGE - Full body + Facial + Steam (90 min) – Rs. 1600
We tend to hold our pain and stress on our shoulders. This treatment has been created to eliminate tension and bring relief through an ultimate – lower back and deep shoulder massage, a general body massage and an exfoliation steam bath. Ideal for sore back muscles. A special herbal powder is also applied on the body after the steam bath by which different herbal oils applied on the body during massage gets removed. It is an energizing treatment to remove daily stress, muscular tension and improved blood circulation.

SHIRODHARA - Head wash with Decoction (45 mins) – Rs. 1000
SHIRODHARA - Head wash with Oil (45 mins) – Rs. 1200

Shirodhara is a significant therapy working through the deepest levels of one’s being. “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” is a translated as flow. This flow of warm medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead, which helps to connect and energize the various streams that sustain our life. Excellent for helping to improve blood circulation, thus increasing supply of nutrients and oxygen, which promotes unblocking of nerve impulses to help relieve tension and headaches.

UDVARTANA - Herbal Powder Massage (45 mins) – Rs. 1000
A body toning program, Udvartana is the application of the prescribed herbal powder on the entire body (excluding the face). When this treatment is taken as part of a program including a strict diet, regular exercise and appropriate internal herbal medication (all prescribed by your Ayurveda physician), it helps to reduce weight, gives you a well-toned body and refreshes and rejuvenates your skin.

PIZHICHIL - Oil Bath (45 min) – Rs. 1200
This is a process traditionally followed once a year, aimed at keeping the body fit and healthy and preventing premature ageing. Is a treatment unique to Kerala where slightly warmed medicinal oil is applied all over the body in a special rhythmic manner from a long necked vessel or from squeezing a cotton cloth soaked in oil. This treatment is also very useful for joint aches including arthritis, neuromuscular disorders and orthopaedic conditions.

KIZHI - Herbal Bundle Massage (45 min) – Rs. 1350
Kizhi treatment is a therapy wherein heated herbs and medicinal oils are tied in cloth bags; and placed on the area to be treated. This followed by specific massages, done using the fingers, heal of the hand or palm. The pressure application varies according to the nature of ailment and the spot.

ABHYANGA & KIZHI - Body Massage + Herbal Bundle Massage (60 min) – Rs. 1500
A combination of Ahayangam & Kizhi treatment. Abhyangam massage is a gently yet firm body massage from head to toe using warm blended oils. Kizhi treatment is a therapy wherein heated herbs and medicinal oils are tied in cloth bags; and placed on the area to be treated.

NASYAM - Nasal Cleansing (20 min) – Rs. 500
The nose is the doorway to the brain, mind and consciousness. Drops of medicated oil are instilled in each nostril, which is then inhaled deeply. This enables removal of phlegm from the respiratory channels thus permitting easy breathing and better perception of the sense of smell.

NJAVARAKIZHI - Rice Bundle Treatment (50 min) – Rs. 1400
Whole or a specific body part is made to perspire by massaging with cooked medicated njavara rice tied in muslin bags. Medicated warm milk is used to heat the bundle. Njavarakizhi is a highly effective rejuvenation treatment designed to revitalize the entire body. It is useful in neuromuscular diseases especially muscular dystrophy.

CHIKITSA THIRUMMU - Therapeutic massage (25 min) – Rs. 500
Special massages to certain area of the body to get relief from muscular spasms, shoulder pains and all kinds of acute painful conditions.

SWEDANA - Herbal Steam Bath (15 mins) – Rs. 300
In this treatment you sit in a herb-infused steam box. The use of heat and steam to encourage sweating has long been recognized as a natural and effective way to encourage the process of detoxification. The special herbs help to stimulate oxygen flow throughout the body, while the steam activities the natural sweating process, which is essential for releasing accumulated toxins. Your skin will carry the gentle sweet aroma of the herbs throughout the following 24 hours or so. It tones up the skin and gives it a special glow.

SHIRO ABHYANGAM - Traditional Indian Head Massage (30 mins) – Rs. 400
This massage releases muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulder region, creating a sense of ease and joy. Head massage, a favourite hair treatment amongst Indians is said to promote hair growth, maintain the glossiness and shine of hair and impart clarity of mind.
Our signature oil has a blend of traditional ingredients of Amla, Brahmi, Jatamanji, Curry leaves & Neem and are known to propagate such benefits.

MUKHA LEPANAM - Traditional Herbal Facial (45 mins) – Rs. 600
Indian women use home-made recipes passed down from mother to nourish their skin. Following this custom we use fresh natural ingredients and fruit pulps. Our facial also includes a face massage that tones and nourishes the skin making it healthier and leaving it with a natural glow.

MUKHA KANTHI LEPANAM - Imperial Facial (60 mins) – Rs. 1200
Purifying facial treatment designed to keep the skin looking healthy, young, and clear. A beauty program, which includes full facial cleansing and triple face packs with herbs, sandal, fruits and natural oils, serving to enhance the tone and texture of the skin, prevent blemishes and to ease general skin conditions


Prior appointment is required for Ayurveda Treatments. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
Guest with high blood pressure, heart conditions, who are pregnant or have any medical complications are advised to consult the doctors before signing up for any Ayurveda treatments. Please inform your Therapist of any medical conditions. This would help our Therapist to recommend therapies, which may not be contradictory to your health. We recommend not to have a sunbath immediately after a therapy. We suggest that men shave a few hours prior to a facial treatment.

The Ayurveda Centre is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, seven days a week.

We suggest that you leave all valuables in your hotel room; while we endeavour to look after your belongings, we do not accept any liability for your valuables.

To maintain relaxing environment, we respectfully request you to leave mobile phones turned off. Please remember that Ayurveda Centre is a smoke and alcohol free environment.

ABHYANGAM - Genaral Body Massage (45 minutes) 1000
REJUVENATION MASSAGE - Full body + Facial + Steam (90 minutes) 1600
SHIRODHARA - Head wash with Decoction (45 minutes) 1000
SHIRODHARA - Head wash with Oil (45 minutes) 1200
UDVARTANA - Herbal Powder Massage (45 minutes) 1000
PIZHICHIL - Oil Bath (45 minutes) 1200
KIZHI - Herbal Bundle Massage (45 minutes) 1350
ABHYANGAM & KIZHI - Body Massage + Herbal Bundle Massage (60 minutes) 1500
NASYAM - Nasal Cleansing (20 minutes) 500
NJAVARAKIZHI - Rice Bundle Treatment (50 minutes) 1400
CHIKITSA THIRUMMU - Therapeutic Massage (25 minutes) 500
SWEDANA - Herbal Steam Bath (15 minutes) 300
SHIRO ABHYANGAM - Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) 400
MUKHA LEPANAM - Traditional Herbal Facial (45 minutes) 600
MUKHA KANTHI LEPANAM - Imperial Facial (60 minutes) 1200
KATEE VASTI (30 minutes) 600
VAMANA (Emesis) - NA - 700
VIRECHANA (Purgation) - NA - 800
* Taxes as applicable