Our Land Responsible Tourism Policy

Our Land is dedicated to providing comfort to guests while minimising the carbon footprint that is inevitable when running a hotel. Nevertheless, eco-friendly practices are a priority with the staff that believes in harnessing the naturally available resources to ensure that the comfort and requirements of guests are satisfactorily met. Existing in harmony with nature and giving back to the ecology are the tenets that Our Land adheres to.

Environmentally Responsible
There is a local village panchayat (council) water supply and the hotel has its own borewell, which is what is mostly used. Chlorine is sparingly used. Drinking water is purified used ‘Aqua Guard’. You can be very sure that the water you are provided with is 100% hygienic.
- The hotel has a freshwater pond that collects rainwater and reduces usage of water meant for the local village and farmers.
- Wastewater from the bathrooms is recycled. It is treated in septic tanks and released into the ground water after treatment.
- Vegetables and fruits are completely chemical free and biological wastes in this resort are used as fertilisers. Everything, from water lilies to leaves to yard trimmings, is composted.
- The bamboo all around the land helps the area stay green and well oxygenated.
- Plastic wastes are kept in separate containers, which are sold out through markets for recycling.
- In the rooms, all the linen is 100% cotton and customers are given the option to change towels if needed.
- CFL bulbs have been used, which bring down electricity consumption and help with frequent power fluctuations.
- Also on the cards is an eco-friendly houseboat, which will use eco-products.
- There are plans to install a carbon filtration plant.
Socially Responsible
At Our Land we have been very focused from the onset about blending in with the local community who are mainly employed in the surrounding rice paddy fields, or making a living from fishing or duck farming.
- We also have been very particular in that we appoint only local people in our resort after giving them proper training on how to handle travellers.
- We also make it a point to use auto rickshaws for transferring tourists from the main route to the riverbank of the resort.
- The main aim of using local people is to involve them in tourism activities and also to gain monetary benefits from tourism.
Economically Responsible
Other vegetables, which are not grown on the vegetable patch, are sourced from local market. So is all the meat and fish.
- The retreat also buys organic floor-cleaning liquids, candles and incense sticks from the local ayalkuttam (neighbourhood gang), a local women’s village cooperative.
- The final leg of the journey to the island is done by local auto rickshaw and guests are encouraged to utilise the canoes (free of cost). Guests are taken on bus journeys if they wish to do so.
Ecologically Responsible
We also try our level best to conserve the local ecosystem, the natural vegetation of coconut palms, bamboos, bananas and other fruit trees. We have planted only indigenous species of plants and trees on our retreat and have avoided introduction of exotics.
- Many a number of bird species, both migratory and native birds can be found in Our Land. So far we have been able to identify more than 106 species of birds. All our staff at Our Land is specially trained so as not to disturb them or their environment in any manner.
- What we provide is unspoilt natural surroundings and we will not do or allow anything to be done that will affect the nature in any way