~ Cuisine ~
Our Land not only provides nourishing food for the soul, it also provides food to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. You are spoilt for choice from the traditional Kerala fare to international cuisine cooked just as you like it. And it’s all done with utmost care to hygiene and health.
Local delicacies, freshly prepared will tempt you at meal times – vegetables, fish, and poultry in infinite varieties and include idlies (rice and lentil cakes), dosas (rice  pancakes), puris (puffed wheat-flour bread) that you drown in spicy lentil curries or coconut stew. Hot chutneys of mango and coconut (all fresh from the garden) spice things up. Madhu has his own specialities and one of called adda. A cylindrical idli made from a combination of wheat flour, shredded coconut, banana, jaggery (unprocessed cane sugar), and flavoured with cardamom. The whole concoction is places in cylindrical  containers and then steamed and fried.

Lunch and dinner includes chapattis (Indian bread) and steamed rice washed down with spicy sambhar (a spicy South Indian lentil curry), beetroot and cabbage sautéed with coconut and onions and crispy rice pappadoms. Do not forget to try the lip-smacking pumpkin curry. Non-vegetarians can choose from fish – there is a fresh catch of the day – giant river prawns and local free-range chicken. Duck and beef are served on request, cooked in the local style if you prefer.
Finish off your hearty meal with platter of fresh seasonal fruits. Some from Our Land gardens and others locally sourced. Pineapple, papaya, mango and watermelon to start with. And if your heart desires a tender coconut don’t forget to mention that.
If you are interested you can learn how to prepare Kerala Food from the chef.